| Post date: 2021/11/15 | 
The Institute of Advanced Materials and Process Engineering was established in 1397 with the formation of the Advanced Materials and Processes Campus with the aim of harmonizing industry and university from the third generation in the fields of dye and polymer engineering, textile engineering, materials and metallurgy engineering and chemical engineering. At present, this research institute has three research centers for paints and polymers with the address cprc.aut.ac.ir, advanced materials and technologies in textiles with the address atmt.aut.ac.ir and materials and metallurgy, which have been able to attract a competent reference. The trust of activists in these fields to take an effective step towards improving the scientific and industrial level of the country. Training of specialized personnel in master's, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees and in the form of associate research professors, conducting research projects in the frontiers of knowledge, cooperating with international universities, producing technical knowledge and removing specialized obstacles to production and operational processes, performing industrial and service projects required by the country And cooperation with organizations and manufacturing companies are among the most important of these measures. Therefore, this research institute, with its specialized professors and human resources, as well as advanced equipment and laboratories in the field of advanced materials engineering and process, is determined to fulfill its mission in these priority industrial fields in our beloved country of Iran.
Mission and goals
Expansion of applied and developmental researches in order to improve the level of competitive advantages and increase the productivity, efficiency and competitiveness of materials, polymer, paint, textile and clothing industries and mineral industries of the country through:
  • Development of scientific relationship between university and industry based on mutual needs
  • Upgrading the scientific and technical strength of industries and transferring technical knowledge and advanced technologies to them
  • Expand and / or create new fields for the application of materials and the production of new products
  • Improving the practical level of academic research and their commercialization and implementation
  • Training and / or promotion of technical and specialized knowledge of experts and researchers required by the country's industries
  • Holding skills and business courses
Establishing international connections for joint research work